5 Great Tips For Businesses Developing Or Outsourcing Custom Web Apps

by Alex Mansour

3 years ago · 2 min read

Custom web apps are now more popular than ever, thanks to the flexibility they bring, being built into the web, unlike a traditional application. If you are considering custom web app development and need tips to get started, here some great tips to understand, whether you are outsourcing a software project or developing it in-house. 

custom web apps

Credit: Game Quarium

Take time to research 

If you are developing a custom web application to offer a new SaaS in the market, you need to take enough time to research. First, you need to understand if your new SaaS is really needed, and who are the competitors. 

Then, you need to know how hard the project would be and what is the estimated time until it is finished. You also need to know what technologies and packages can save development time and make the development more efficient. 

Consider an MVP

Going agile with a custom web app is always a great decision, and while applying agile development methodologies, including delivering continuous enhancements and builds, you can start with an MVP. 

Getting the web app to the users with core features can help you gather feedback as early as possible while being able to control your investment in it. In some cases, you can even gain profit to help you continue the development. 

Design it for all devices

A web app needs to be responsive to different screen sizes, like a website. Considering this during designing the application is essential. It’s because you have to consider various screen sizes and offer a great UI on any screen size. 


While this means extra work, it is always worth it to invest in better design. In order to make the custom web app user-friendly. Then, it can contribute heavily to its success and efficiency.  

Consider all technologies and frameworks 

Development frameworks can save much time during custom web app development. You don’t want to miss the benefits they bring. 

Choosing between the available frameworks can take time. It depends on the type of web app you are developing and what it mainly does. Frameworks also help in enhancing security, allowing more efficient management and making integrations easier. 

Give planning time and talents 

Planning is a big part of custom web apps development. If you are investing in a custom web app, then you need to double down on efficient planning. 

Modules, workflows, and even functions can be planned with efficient tools. A project manager or more should be leading the operation, monitoring code quality, ensuring efficient communication, and bringing everything together.

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