The ultimate Laravel package for building software projects

We made this full kit with all the essential development for custom portals, SaaS, admin panels, back-office systems, APIs, and more.

B5 Starter Kit will save you hundreds of hours, without any risk or loss

Fully functional

The kit is not just a template or a theme, it is a full base with a frontend and backend to build every new project without doing the basics over and over again.


The kit is fully customizable and coded to be so. We made the code to be easy to customize and to be ready for scaling the project upon it, as we do.


The kit is fully documented to guide every developer to start using it and utilize its features easily and efficiently.

B5 Starter Kit is built by developers who decided to not waste time again

Initially a package that was built for the internal usage in our agency to save time and have a base to build projects on, we decided to take our whole kit to the public and help every developer save time.

Supporting the technologies and frameworks you expect

We built B5 Starter Kit with a Laravel based backend and a frontend that fully supports Angular, Vue, and React, in addition to Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS frameworks.

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    B5 Starter Kit brings a long list of features

    Clean UI Elements

    We made the elements and components you need to customize easily for a clean user interface without having to make it from the ground.


    A fully ready functional authentication module built with Laravel Sanctum and offering password reset, password change, Google two-factor authentication, and user profiles.

    Permission Management

    A fully featured permission management system that incorporates role access and detailed permission management through a visual interface, in addition to a user management module.

    Laravel Datatable Support

    Laravel Datatable is already integrated to help you build tables with full functionality and ability to easily build table overviews, pagination, search, sorting and more.

    Ready CRUD Operations

    Utilize the implemented CRUD operations with the support of list, datatable, create, show, update and delete operations integrated smartly.

    REST API Ready

    B5 Starter Kit comes with the support for building your next REST API. We have also implemented personal access tokens using Laravel Sanctum.

    One command module creation

    With just one Artisan command, you can create a new module with the needed classes and files like: migration, controller, request, resource classes, and more.

    Lookup table

    Our lookup table helps you make database tables in a smarter and more efficient way throughout your projects. With this in hand, no need to develop small entities manually anymore.

    CORS Pre-configured

    No need to waste hours in configuring CORS and fixing its issues as we have pre-configured the package and optimized it.

    And tons of more features including backups, multi-language readiness, Rollbar error reporting, and more.

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