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Minimize your scaling risk and add valuable expertise to your company by making the B5 Digital team a part of your team. It’s like hiring full-time staff, without the downsides!

Our technical partnership with Leaso

A real-life success story

We’ve been Leaso’s technology partner since 2016. For more than three years, we've been handling all the technical aspects of their business. This includes everything from the entire SDLC and their infrastructure updates and maintenance.

The Results

Hassle-free technology

Outsourcing the technical aspects of their business to B5 Digital allowed Leaso to direct their efforts to where they truly count.

Minimum scaling risk

Hiring lots of full-time staff is a major decision. Our technical partnership program allowed Leaso to scale their business, without permanent staff commitment.

Hands-on experience

By partnering with Leaso, we’ve added the experience of delivering numerous products to their team, to help them achieve even better results.

Flexible team

To reduce work culture differences, we’ve joined Leaso’s team in a joined workspace to facilitate collaboration.

What our partner says

We have worked with Alex Mansour since 2016 and found it natural to start a partnership with B5 Digital when he chose to branch out. As a software development company, our team at Leaso is always coming up with new ideas and improvements, which we need expedited into reality, and through our partnership with B5 Digital, we are always guaranteed development of the finest quality at a suiting pace. The great dedication and communication from B5 Digital, combined with their expertise, gives us a great dialogue about our projects and because of B5 Digital, we always end up with the best results. Alex Mansour and his team of developers receive our highest praise and recommendation, should you be in the market for an IT-development team.

Nicklas Thorsen
CEO - Leaso ApS

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