Digital solutions for efficient business workflows

Our digital solutions will automate your manual processes, and improve your brand experience.

Workflow digitization

Our digital solutions will cut your redundant tasks, and improve your customers' experience.

How does the workflow digitization process work?

Identifying your inefficient processes

We will identify inefficient processes in your workflow, and learn to improve them.

Proposing a solution

After understanding your business needs, we’ll propose a solution that will make your workflow more efficient.

Development and implementation

Once you approve the solution, we will develop and integrate it with your existing systems. The result is a seamless transition, without having to worry about any technical details.

Feedback and optimization

Once your new system is up-and-running, we’ll get feedback from you —and your team— and improve the system accordingly.

Custom digital solutions

Whether you’re a SaaS company with a big web app idea or a business that needs a dedicated mobile app, our team is ready to help.

How does the custom digital solutions process work?

Understanding your business challenges

This will help us understand the exact business outcomes you want from your new digital solution.

Providing technical recommendations

After understanding your business goals, we will provide technical recommendations accordingly. This includes everything from the technology stack, to the type of solution.

Developing your solution

After we get the green light on the new solution, we will handle the entire development process. This will give you the solution you need, without any technical involvement from you.

Live testing

Once your new digital solution goes live, we’ll get feedback from your staff, as well as your customers, to improve the solution. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance services for all our digital products.

Web development

Every business needs an online presence. Whether it’s a marketing or eCommerce website, the B5 Digital team will get you online in no time.

How does the web development process work?

Deciding the type of website you need

No two web development projects are the same. That’s why we take our time to understand your unique business needs and propose a web solution that meets those needs.

Designing and developing your website

We'll handle the entire process of designing and developing your website. You'll get a turnkey website without the technical hassle.

Testing and optimization

The job isn’t over when the design and development are finished. We will test your website’s performance after it goes live to ensure that it’s technically-sound, and performing well in terms of SEO.

Let’s make your business more efficient with digital technology!

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