5 Agile Software Development Tips Essential For Every Business

by Alex Mansour

3 years ago · 3 min read

Agile software development has been on the rise in the last years. Businesses and independent developers have shifted from older models as agile methodologies have proved very effective and offered great results.

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In agile software development, collaboration is the core or the work, and continuous communication is essential. If you are trying to enhance the way you are approaching agile methodologies, here are some great tips.

Consider Test Driven Development (TDD)

Earlier when agile methodologies were adopted, managing software projects was left to the development teams which directed the management.

Now it is much different, with management taking control of the projects and setting guidelines and deliverables for the developers, to let them focus on work.

This has opened the door for the Test Driven Development process, in which developers deliver working deliverables and not just written code.

Consider day one automation

To automate all processes and workflows, businesses can take up to two or three years on average. However, the concept of day one automation encourages businesses to automate whatever is possible to automate as early as possible.

Even if it is impossible to automate some processes, businesses can focus on the other processes and automate them. This helps them save time wasted on redundant tasks or processes, which means lower costs of development.

Always have an MVP as a choice 

Software MVPs or minimum viable products are versions of the software that offer only the core features initially. In order to get feedback early without needing to develop all the features first then release the first build of the software.

This concept is one of the essential concepts for agile development. It helps in getting feedback early, which is what agile development is about.

Developing an MVP also helps businesses know which features users really want and gives them an agile start for any project.

Implement the Continuous Delivery concept 

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a critical concept of agile software development. It relies on continuously updating a software so that developers get continuous feedback from users.

The Continuous Delivery concept needs contact communication, clearly and efficiently so communication guidelines and tools should be set prior to apply the concept.

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It means also that sudden changes can be asked and unexpected tasks can show up, which the team and the project managers need to deal with.

With Continuous Delivery, a software will have more builds than without following the concept. It releases new builds and gathers feedback to enhance the next ones.

Invest in high end hardware 

While a laptop with sufficient requirements will let a developer do the work. It is better to invest in high end hardware that lets developers perform better.

Going agile means that there are more deadlines and more smaller deliveries. A more powerful computer can surely help save time.

From better keyboards to monitors with high quality, all of that should help. More powerful PCs will also help in multi-tasking and eliminate freezing.

Some fancy upgrades can be also available, like multiple screens that take multi-tasking to another level.

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