4 Ways To Measure Workflow Performance And Success

by Alex Mansour

3 years ago · 3 min read

Workflow automation can help in saving time and money, and help you offer better experiences for your customers and employees. That’s something that is now widely known by business owners and managers. 

workflow automation

However, not all businesses invest in measuring the impact of workflow automation and measuring the success of each workflow through various ways, which can be easy to implement. 

Monitoring workflows just by observation is possible. But it will never give a clear vision as mixing up more than one way to measure workflow performance and the impact of workflow automation software. 

Performance metrics 

A workflow automation software can have a dashboard with all the performance metrics you need. You can measure many aspects related to customers, as well as employees, to know how much more productive they have become. 

For customers, you can measure engagement on various channels, as an example. How many people engage with your offers? How many people open links you send in emails? Such metrics can help your business understand the value of workflow automation software and help you in making better decisions in the future. 

Feedback from customers and employees 

Direct feedback from customers and employees before and after implementing workflow automation is very valuable. No matter how many performance features you have integrated with your workflow automation software. 

Surveying customers and employees and ensuring that you get accurate results is a practice that can get you inside their minds, and what impact your changes on workflows have had in reality. 

Surveying customers at various parts of their journeys can be effective. It is a small feature that you can add to your software. You can do it through a free simple tool. However, automating surveying and making it part of your process can help you get more valuable feedback continuously that will help you. 

Surveying employees is much easier because you can reach out to them and directly communicate your purpose. YOu also let them share their thoughts, suggestions and ratings. Your employees will certainly welcome that and feel that you appreciate and listen to them, and contributing directly to the business workflow success. 

Average time for each workflow or process

One of the biggest aspects that encourage business to invest in workflow enhancement is time wasting. Time is money, and wasting it is definitely wasting money at any instance and for any employee. 

time saving

Workflow automation software can help you save time, by knowing how much time to waste, by whom, and doing what. A business software should have such features and you should be requesting them upon development or updating the software. So that you can have a tighter grip on your workflows, the responsibilities behind them, and the places where you mostly waste time to prioritize enhancing. 

Customer and employees retention

Retention of customers, which can be measured through workflow automation software. Or even a simple CRM software, and retention of employees, which should be measured by your HR department, are both aspects you should be paying attention to. 

Retention is one of the biggest signs of satisfaction. Retaining employees and customers are important signs of the success of your workflows. It should be measured before and after implementing a workflow automation software to measure its success.

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