5 Workflow Automation Examples to Get Started

by Alex Mansour

2 years ago · 3 min read

Workflow automation offers many opportunities that companies in every sector and of each size are still missing. The ability of digital products to boost the efficiency of the business processes and making them faster and most effective is still undiscovered by many. 

There are varieties of workflow automation examples that can explain how workflow automation impacts businesses and helps them grow more efficiently, and sometimes the applications are more revolutionary than you would think. 

So here are some of the examples that make it more clear. 

5 Workflow automation examples that make benefits clear

Changing how documents are organized 

When they were first known, Microsoft Office was a huge leap from traditional paperwork. However, just a very few decades forward, using Word documents, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations is not the most efficient practice for companies. 

This is because collaboration, file sharing, and management can become much more efficient with tools like Google Drive and Office 365, that keep documents of all types safe on the cloud while letting everyone work together on the same file while managing access and utilizing many and many features. 

This is a sort of automation compared to sending documents through emails all the day, but custom workflow automation tools can provide even better solutions for document management through the whole company and collaboration between various employees in a more efficient way, and through a unified solution where documents are managed alongside other work. 

Enhancing task and project management 

Better task and project management can save businesses much money, and can even be a reason why a business fails or succeeds. One of the biggest benefits of automating any workflow is allowing tasks to be clear for everyone so that no confusion or miss communication happens, and no tasks are missed. 

With a workflow automation solution, large projects can be also managed properly so that communication, collaboration, and management are more seamless than ever. 

Making more automated financial management 

Finances of any company are mostly having much hassle, and this hassle increases the more humans are involved in the process. That’s why financial management solutions are great examples of workflow automation. 

Most traditional accounting processes can be automated easily, and that is not strange as finance has been having a great portion of technology since its first days. 

Banks and fintech solution providers even offer solutions that can make the payments themselves done automatically, and transaction history exported and updated in the software so that the work left for the big financial department can be actually a one man’s work. 

Offering better customer service 

Every company wants to offer the best customer support, as better support attracts more people and helps in retaining the present customers. That’s why when it comes to workflow automation, customer support always comes as one of the very first examples. 

Thanks to the fastly developing technologies, customer support solutions are being enhanced rapidly. Self service is also a rising trend as companies are beginning to offer solutions to let customers serve themselves without human agents, which is now a thing that every company can actually do. 

The unified automated customer service solution brings many benefits including managing all channels in one place, helping agents become more efficient, and many more features that can help businesses cut down costs while offering better service. 

Managing the leads businesses own 

Businesses own leads that matter much to them, and each business wants to make the most of the leads they own. While there are more ways than ever to reach people, the harder tasks are always the management ones, and how to manage leads efficiently to make better results. 

Customized workflow automation tools can help businesses manage their leads using more advanced tools that reveal new analytics that was never clear and help management become much better and interconnected with other marketing activities.  

B5 Digital is a software development agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We build custom workflow automation solutions for businesses willing to invest in lower future costs, business process efficiency improvement, offering better customer experience, and much more. Learn more here.

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