Why Should You Consider A Technology Roadmap

by Alex Mansour

2 weeks ago · 2 min read

Mapping can be critical for businesses utilizing technology of any kind. Whether it is a group of tools or a
complex business system, having a roadmap can help in maximizing the benefits. 


In this blog, we are sharing the biggest benefits of having a technology roadmap and why you should consider one. 

What is a technology roadmap? 

A technology roadmap is a plan that highlights how a business will adopt, implement and achieve its goals using a specific tech solution or multiple ones. 

It usually includes visual representations of the features that your business needs. Also, the infrastructure needs to be ready for the solutions, technologies to support, and required changes to business processes to be able to adopt the solution. 

You need your technology roadmap to include the following to be a good one: 

Benefits of having a technology roadmap 

Linking every feature with a goal

Every feature you develop or implement should serve a specific goal that your business needs to achieve. If you create a roadmap, the purpose of each feature becomes clear and you make proper documentation. Thus, helping you to never get lost at any point. 

Whenever there are priorities that you need to define or costs you need to reduce. Then, having a goal you assign to each feature can always help. 

Helping in driving more seamless change

Driving change is great. However, if you don’t include everyone, the change can be slow and full of bottlenecks. This is one of the biggest benefits of having a technology roadmap, Then, sharing its vision with your employees. 


Having everyone included as you develop new solutions will also mean more motivated employees, who will contribute positively to the transformation. 

Avoiding wasted costs and unreasonable expectations

Unreasonable expectations can always lead to technology projects costing more than planned. Alongside the absence of a clear roadmap, they can lead to a huge waste of money. 

The waste can both be in the form of putting effort into unnecessary tasks. As a result, leaving out essential process enhancements and lacking a real vision behind why you implement every technology application.

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