What is Proof of Concept? And 4 Tips To Make It Work

by Alex Mansour

7 months ago · 3 min read

One of the great concepts that can be used in software development. Especially when you are venturing into SaaS ideas and building different products from time to time is the proof of concept. 


In this blog, we are sharing what a proof of concept is and what are our suggested tips to create one successfully.

What is Proof of Concept? 

The proof of concept is a risk mitigation practice that is used to identify whether a specific idea will work or not. Most of us will have many ideas that they initially like. But as a decision maker, it is not easy to determine whether it is a profitable venture. 

So if there is any idea that is not known to be feasible or not, here comes the proof of concept. It also has no standard form. So it could be a video explaining the idea or a prototype with minimal investment. 

While developing it, you should get to an ultimate answer: Yes, the idea is feasible. Or No, the idea is not feasible.


4 Tips to create a great proof of concept

Set clear objectives

Setting clear objectives prior to starting the work on can be very beneficial. Here are some of the questions to be answered to set the objectives: 

Rely on more data, less speculation

Resisting the urge to speculate is important for creating a beneficial concept. The more you rely on data for making your decision. The more likely you will benefit from the concept that you are creating. 

Propose a prototype

If you can create a form of a prototype to test it and gather feedback. It could be a great step that you can plan and propose during a proof of concept. 


A prototype is not a proof concept, as it shows whether a product can be built or not. While a prototype is a sample of the product delivered after it is accepted. 

Consult experts if you need to

If you feel like you need technical assistance related to accurately estimating the feasibility of the idea. You may need to request a consultation from a software development company. 

This will help you ensure that you’re not making the decision without being informed enough of the risks or making inaccurate estimations. 

At B5 Digital, we can help you set an accurate cost estimation or create a proof of concept for the idea. So you may consider our help anytime and get a free consultation & estimate without any obligation.

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