What Features To Ask For in Your Inventory Management Software

by Alex Mansour

3 days ago · 2 min read

Inventory management automation can have great benefits for businesses. From enhancing process speeds to enhancing customer experience and offering better insights, it doesn’t just affect inventory processes, but also finance and other aspects. 

inventory management

If you are deciding about having a workflow automation software solution to benefit, here are the features you need to get a good solution. 

Tracking features

Some of the top features that must exist in inventory management software solutions are tracking features. Inventory management processes can become better with employees having access to real-time information including driver locations, product status, and more. 

You also want notifications on every accomplished task that is directly pushed to the employee responsible for tracking it. 

Inventory forecasting features

When you are getting a custom or pre-developed inventory management tool, you need to ask if it supports inventory forecasting features or not. 

Such features help you maintain product stocks by notifying you about which products do you expect to sell out soon enough. This reflects on the user experience as you can keep all of your products in stock. Then, tell customers when products will be available precisely. 

Tagging and barcoding

With tagging and barcoding, less human errors can take place as manual data entry causes many errors. Barcodes are now everywhere because of this reason. Scanning barcodes also saves time and costs, making it a worthy investment. 

Having inventory management software that supports barcodes is essential for saving time and making the whole process more efficient. 

Inventory alerts 

With inventory management becoming automated and workflows getting unified through a single software solution. Businesses can have a further advantage that boosts employees’ productivity, by implementing inventory and stock alerts.


This brings peace of mind as your employees will not forget to check any reports or insights. Whenever you need to take an action according to your own criteria, you can notify your employees to do what needs to be done. 

Inventory security features

Most features relate to making your inventory management processes faster to save time and cost less. Then you shouldn’t be ignoring the features that relate to the security of your inventory. 

When compromising this digital system, there is a good chance your inventory is in danger of theft. You always need high encryption standards, data backups, and a solid system that can’t be fooled. 

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