What Challenges Are Facing Your HR Employees, And How Automation Solves Them

by Alex Mansour

1 month ago · 2 min read

HR professionals are facing challenges everywhere around the world especially after the pandemic with remote and hybrid environments that not every business was ready for. 


Technology can be the answer to help your HR department overcome these challenges. Automation software solutions offer significant benefits. These things can resolve some of the biggest challenges HR professionals face.

In this blog, we share these biggest challenges and how automation can resolve each.

Challenge: Overwhelming number of applications

Solution: Automated filtering

One of the biggest challenges that HR professions have been facing for decades is the large number of applications for each job. This makes it harder for them to choose the right talents. They can even lose the best ones because of the overwhelming quantity of resumes. 

Automation software solutions solve this problem by helping your HR employees filter applications automatically based on criteria, in a few seconds. 

These criteria might include years of experience, level of education, specific skills, and more. It can help you filter resumes and view only the more suitable ones for the vacancy.

Challenge: Meeting compliance requirements

Solution: Automated compliance check

One of the struggles HR teams face is dealing with compliance. The problem is that documents can be non-compliant. Someone also has to deal with this at some point. Automation software can have compliance check features for HR documents and resolve this challenge.

Challenge: Onboarding remote employees properly 

Solution: Automated onboarding features 

Onboarding remote employees can be challenging, especially with no direct communication in the office. For instance, in remote work environments, a new employee can be just left with their questions without an answer.

Automation software solutions can solve this problem by automating the whole onboarding process. For example, you can share resources and policies automatically as soon as you accept an employee. As a result, a self-service portal or chatbot can proactively help answer their questions faster.

remote onboarding

Challenge: Collaboration with other HR professionals

Solution: Communication and collaboration tools in HR management software

One of the biggest challenges HR professionals face is collaborating with each other. Similarly, working together to select talent with no organized workflow can be very time-wasting and sometimes frustrating. 

When data comes together, you can manage everything through a software solution with communication capabilities. Therefore, selecting talents can become much smoother and more efficient than ever.

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