The Top Voice Technologies Trends Growing Into 2021

by Alex Mansour

2 months ago · 3 min read

Sooner than many would expect, voice is going to become one of the most used ways to interact and give orders to our tech devices that we use tens or hundreds of times daily.

voice technologies

Voice technologies are growing rapidly and more businesses are investing in them, every new year. Voice search is also a growing trend in user search behavior and smart devices are reaching every home and each room.

Those are the biggest trends of voice technologies that grew in 2020 and are expected to keep growing in 2021.

Artificially intelligent voice tech is impacting user behavior 

Smart home devices, powered by voice assistants, have sold millions of units in the recent few years. With the market of smart devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and many others growing rapidly, the impact has been on user behaviors with these devices and away from them.

More people began to use the virtual assistants that were on their phones. Though they never tried to use them, while others relied more heavily on these assistants. Each year, more and more people begin to interact with their phones through voice. Businesses are already trying to take advantage of this.

Most phones now come with these assistants. Whether Google Assistant or any other manufacturer one like Samsung’s Bixby or both, so there is no reason their usage will start to decline.

Voice searches are becoming much smarter

Companies like Google can use voice search, where the voice interactions to make profits, so you can expect that Google and other companies are investing in developing it.

It is expected that the voice search ad revenue to reach a huge sum of $19 billion by 2020. That is according to a report by Juniper Research. It gives a glimpse of how robustly and rapidly voice search is spreading between users, and that companies are already ready.

Conversational marketing to keep rising 

With voice search usage growing and voice AI tech becoming much better. We can expect a few trends and tactics to rise with it. Conversational marketing is one of them.


Conversational marketing uses AI to build a conversation with the user, that is in real a sales funnel to make them buy products. This is a great way to sell because it helps brands build relationships with customers with minimum effort.

Better voice technologies and data analytics integration 

Users’ expectations online are becoming high. They expect everything to be personalized, easy to use, and saving their time with instant answers or results.

Search engines and any other platforms that people use voice to interact with. Soon they will be integrating more of the data analytics to enhance voice search experiences while using the voice search analytics themselves to enhance the user experience and make it personalized.

With voice becoming a major method of interaction with devices, it will be an essential aspect business will need to consider. Whether when running ads or creating content, which is now a thing already.

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