How To Create an MVP With The Least Possible Cost?

by Alex Mansour

3 weeks ago · 2 min read

Minimum viable products or MVPs provide great benefits for all types of businesses. Developing an MVP instead of a full-scale software solution can put you on the right path for becoming more agile. 


The benefits from this include enhanced risk management, reduced costs, faster time to market, improved decision making and many more benefits. 

While the idea of an MVP basically helps in cost reduction, there are few things that you can consider for reducing the costs of developing the MVP itself, which we are sharing in this blog. 

Take enough time choosing the business model and price 

One of the most critical decisions that will affect the costs of the software solution you are developing and also the MVP is the business model for the software solution. 

Are you developing it to sell it as a one time purchase or developing it to be a cloud platform available as a SaaS? How much will the product be priced? 

Determining the business model and the pricing of the solution will help you have a better understanding of what costs can be high or low when developing an MVP, so that you can optimize the cost in a better way. 

Study features and requirements

As you get to decide what you require from the MVP, you need to take time in defining accurate requirements. Put all of your requirements in one document and begin to review and discussed with your team to optimize it. 

You can do the same thing for the features you will put in the MVP, while taking enough time to decide which ones users will want most, and studying competitors throroughly. 

Focus on the problem you solve 

If you don’t know what features to include in your MVP to optimize its costs, you may need to consider the real problem your software solution is solving. 

problem solving

The features that are relatively closer to the core problem you are solving should be the ones you invest in. Other features that get broader can always be considered later as you release another version. 

Pick an experienced partner

Outsourcing MVP development to a company experienced in developing MVPs will be a wise choice. More experienced professionals in software would be able to guide you with more accurate cost estimations and ways to minimize the cost of the MVP you are developing while getting the best results. 

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