5 Ways To Use Enterprise Collaboration Tools Effectively

by Alex Mansour

2 years ago · 3 min read

Collaboration can be a critical tool for businesses, and that is why the best-performing ones strive to make it as efficient and productive as it can become. 


Terms like enterprise collaboration can be even a sign of how important collaboration practices can become for businesses, as there are focused efforts on it to make it better. 

And because collaboration, sharing information and resolving conflicts can make up a large portion of the daily work of your employees. Thus, leading to huge time waste. You may want the best enterprise collaboration practices to be applied as soon as possible. 

In this blog we are sharing the best effective ways you can apply enterprise collaboration practices to get results as early as possible, and with long term effects. 

Utilize automation as the main tool

One of your main tools for achieving great enterprise collaboration will be automation tools. You can’t replace automation tools with manual paperwork and expect collaboration and communication to be someway as efficient as they can become with technology. 

This is simply because automation makes everything more organized than ever, and allows users to do things on multiple devices in real time which is never possible with papers. Sharing, approvals and other tasks can also have parts that are automatically done by computers instead of being done manually. In which can help in saving much time. 

Use standardized tools 

While using automation to make collaboration easier and more efficient, the biggest mistake would be adopting different tools for different teams, or jumping from one tool to another. 

Be careful that automation can lead to disadvantages when you deal with it the wrong way. Pick tools to use for collaboration and communication wisely. Then go with them and give your employees enough time. 

The tools you will use for collaboration and communication can be part of your business system. Or they can be pre-developed tools like Slack for communication and Google Suite for collaboration on documents, and so on. 

Having standard tools in place will help both existing and new employees get used to specific processes over time. Which will become part of your business and their usage will become entirely smooth. 

Share your plans with your employees 

If you’re applying enterprise collaboration best practices for your business. You need to make your employees on the page as you. Sharing with them the new standards or solutions can be seen as enough, but there is more to tell.

You can always let your employees know about the challenges you are going through. Also on what you want to achieve with the new processes or practices. So that they are more motivated as a part of your vision. 

Get feedback from employees

If you want to make enhancements to your enterprise collaboration practices. You always need to gather feedback from employees on their current issues when they collaborate and communicate daily. 


This will make you understand what you really want to implement, from various points of view apart from yours, which can’t always be inclusive. 

Maybe their feedback will make you also understand whether you want to implement custom business software. Or you can resolve your minor issues with pre-developed tools, whether they are paid or free ones.

Try to reimagine relationships between departments 

One of the obstacles you need to overcome to achieve great enterprise collaboration is maintaining healthy relationships between employees. To do so, you need to make sure that your policies and processes support this. 

You may need to reimagine relationships between departments. To make sure they are structured in a way that supports healthy relationships and smooth workflows. 

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