5 Ways to Make Your App Ux Stand Out

by Alex Mansour

2 years ago · 2 min read

With millions of apps on the app store that do pretty much everything, standing with your app is now different from years back. A more polished, fast, and intuitive app with a great design is needed. 


The high standards and difficulty of standing out to make it essential to make more effort to make your app enjoyable. Then delivers a user experience that is carefully crafted. 

This means that UX design needs to be among your top priorities and biggest investments. In this blog, we are sharing what to do specifically with UX design to make your app stand out. 

Avoid being much like a competitor

Getting inspired by elements and designs of other apps is totally okay. But you need to be careful when your competitor inspires you to avoid ending up looking exactly like them. 

Make sure that you are carefully getting inspired by competitors or get inspired heavily by successful apps that aren’t a competition with you. Because they are definitely successful for a reason. 

Learn from your existing projects

If all apps you have worked on look the same, then you have a repetition problem that you need to resolve. Repeating designs means you are uninspired, and more essential that you don’t try new things. 

At B5 Digital, we make sure that our designs stand out from each other, and that we aren’t delivering all designs that look similar. We do this by inspiring ourselves and boldly testing new things. 

Invest in great copies 

You can consider UX copywriting a bonus practice for many app developers, and that could be a mistake. The copies that people read while using the app impact their experience so heavily. They can be a really worthy investment. 

Your copies inside your apps have a few things to achieve. Including letting users understand the interactions, keeping them away from being bored, and more. 

Prioritize making a faster app

Making your app as fast as it can become should be among your biggest goals during UX design. Even if a feature makes the app load much longer then you should be considering working on it, replacing it or removing it entirely. 

fast app

This may seem more related to development than design. However, UX designers can still decide on the importance of elements that affect app speed. 

Stay ahead when it comes to trends

Following trends requires you to exert a big effort to be always updated on everything new. Before it is old already. UX designers need to learn new design trends and functionalities every day to keep ahead. 

This research needs to be broader than your competitors. As you need to bring things that are new to your type of app. To deliver a better experience for the users and keep the user interface and experience enjoyable to existing and new users.

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