5 Ways To Automate Excel Spreadsheets Effectively

by Alex Mansour

3 years ago · 2 min read

Excel spreadsheet automation is something that you should definitely consider if you didn’t already. If any of your employees out there is waiting much time with Excel tasks, then this can be wasted effort and time that you need to avoid.

google sheets

In this blog, we explain some tasks that you can automate in your spreadsheets, using automation software. 

Creating tasks from spreadsheets

Excel spreadsheets are incredibly good and satisfying for organizing tasks, and if you do this and don’t want to leave your carefully designed spreadsheet, then it’s okay.

Automation software can help you in sending tasks from a spreadsheet directly to your business software. Or one of the task management software like Asana. This means that you can either use a software or your spreadsheet at any time to manage your tasks. 

Syncing edits 

Syncing edits and allowing efficient collaboration is one of the most basic features of Excel and Word documents right now. 

If you don’t already take advantage of such a feature, you can upload any of your spreadsheets to Google Drive. It will ask you to convert the file to Google Sheets format so you can collaborate on the file efficiently. 

This makes the file stored on Google Drive, while having the ability to make multiple people edit the file simultaneously, add comments and suggest edits. 

An automation software that lets you automate your spreadsheets can have more advanced features, including integrations that can help your teams work together through one environment. 

Integrating calendars with spreadsheets 

To integrate your calendar with a spreadsheet, you need automation software. Such features can save you much time when managing your tasks, as well as your teams when they do the same. 

They can also automate what is between a form response and a created task, so you can import responses and set tasks based on them automatically. 

Syncing form submissions

If you create forms, spreadsheets are the perfect way to manage the answers in one place, whether they are names, emails, phones or whole orders. Google Forms let you father feedback from everywhere and it creates a spreadsheet for responses automatically. 

google forms

The only problem with it is that you need users to use Google Forms. So if you need to sync your business software or website with a spreadsheet, then this is a custom feature that needs to be added. 

Getting custom notifications

If you want to get notifications when any specific action or change takes place within your spreadsheet. Then you need a spreadsheet automation or workflow automation software to help you. 

A custom software can help you with unlimited possibilitiess. So you can get notified at any instance you choose, easily and through a visual dashboard. 

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