5 SaaS Customer Service Basics You Need To Stick To

by Alex Mansour

1 year ago · 3 min read

Retaining your SaaS platform customers is not an easy task. You need to keep satisfying them to make them want to keep paying for using your service. 


This means that you keep updating your services with the latest in the industry, but customer service should also be a major consideration. 

Delivering satisfactory customer service will help you retain more customers and keep them loyal, as a single bad customer service experience can easily lead to a cancellation decision in the short or long term. 

If you want to reduce churn and keep your SaaS customers loyal, here is what we believe will help you do that. 

Deliver an intuitive experience

One of the best ways for delivering a more satisfying experience for your SaaS platform is by making it more intuitive for users. The design itself should be clean and easy for users to understand on the first sight. 

A best practice now is to put small pop-up messages that automatically guide the user when doing something for the first time.  

When users are able to do things themselves, they will be less likely to contact your customer service. This will definitely lead to higher rates of satisfaction for your SaaS platform. 

Be 100% transparent

Nobody trusts a company that is not transparent. Being transparent can help your customers, but it ultimately helps your SaaS business. 

Avoiding anything that can make customers see you as a less transparent company can be one of the biggest decisions for retaining customers and attracting new ones. 

Among the aspects to be transparent should be your pricing, which should never have any hidden fees. The terms that can lead to inconvenience should also be made clear for the user, not just by being there on the terms and conditions page, but also by being crystal clear whenever possible. 

Being this transparent can sometimes lead to losing potential customers, but it will ultimately help your business maintain a great reputation and attract more in the future. 

Offer self-service

Some of your customers already looking for ways to serve themselves and find information before they get in touch with your customer service. The best way to satisfy them is by letting them do so. 

You can offer a chatbot on your website that lets people find information easily. Additionally, you should be paying attention to your knowledge-based offering guides. Like FAQs and any possible resource that will help users do anything right away with no customer service hassle. 

Use promotions and rewards

Promotions should be limited to leads to get them to subscribe to your SaaS. Using promotions with existing customers is a smart way to retain them and make them feel appreciated for being loyal. 


You can also offer rewards for certain accomplishments and milestones to help keep them engaged with your platform and your brand. 

Make sure you gather enough feedback 

One of the most critical ways for enhancing customer service is by knowing when customers are dissatisfied. This can only happen if you have enough data to judge the satisfaction of your customers. 

Insufficient feedback can lead to inaccurate judgments on the satisfaction of your customers. Imagine them being angry about their experiences and you are not knowing about it. 

To avoid this issue, you need to ask for feedback consistently without being boring. This can be through pop-up messages on the platform, through emails, and whenever it is possible to get feedback. 

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