5 Reasons for Choosing Flutter for Your Software Development

by Alex Mansour

4 months ago · 2 min read

There are various mobile app development technologies nowadays that can make it harder to choose the framework or language to go with. However, the choice can be easier when you learn about the features of each technology from experienced developers who have used it. 


Flutter is one of the names that has been on the rise lately, and in this blog, we are sharing why you should be considering it. 

Reduced development time

One of the biggest advantages of using Flutter is development time. That is because the framework is based in Java, which means there is no need for learning a whole new language. 

Both logic and UI will be written in Flutter, which is a ground-breaking feature compared to native Android apps that need learning XML-based UI. Also in Flutter, all UI elements are available as widgets, saving much time and making the learning task even easier than some could imagine. 

The ease of getting introduced to flutter makes the ability to create an MVP much improved when compared to other solutions. 

One code for all platforms

One of the biggest problems in the world of mobile app development years back was that companies needed to build separate apps for Android and iOS. This adds up to doubled costs, timeframes, and issues. 

Solutions like Flutter have then shown up. Thus, making it possible to write code that works for Android and iOS, to drastically boost efficiency. Despite the reality that other frameworks did the same job. Flutter did it very well by allowing all logic and UI elements to be unified natively. 

Speed and performance

Most cross-platform mobile app development frameworks used browser-based component rendering. Which makes their performance unable to match native apps. 

Dart compiler converts Flutter apps to native codes. Then, making their performance much better compared to other solutions.

Rich user interface

Building UI components is not an easy task with native Android development. Thus, making it hard to deliver a rich user interface. 

user interface

Flutter has solved these problems with a large UI library that makes creating rich UI apps an easy task. No need to write code as all these elements are available as widgets for adding to your pages. 

Great support

One of the greatest advantages of using Flutter now is that it has already become popular/ You can find online support for your issues easily. 

This can save much time wasted in troubleshooting issues. As developers can rely on free online support to keep their work going, resolve issues and learn new things. 

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