5 Top Cloud App Development Challenges To Overcome

by Alex Mansour

2 years ago · 3 min read

Millions of developers around the world are developing cloud apps. Despite cloud computing being revolutionary and has opened the door for many opportunities and advancements. There are many cloud app development challenges that developers face.

cloud app

Challenges vary in how and why they show up and how to overcome them. So here are picks of the top challenges that face cloud app developers.

Biggest 5 cloud app development challenges to avoid 

Performance optimisation 

While cloud computing offers the reliability of having no physical storage and dealing with a whole digital world, and that you don’t even know where its servers are located, there is a big challenge here.

What happens is that rendering data, UI, style sheets, and other resources take more time than expected. Thus, affecting the quality and usability of the application. Even if it is a few seconds, they are much in the world of app speeds.

One of the best solutions for this is using a CDN service, which distributes bandwidth across multiple servers, handling your app traffic even at the peak times.

Scalability issues 

One of the biggest cloud app development challenges are the scalability issues. While all cloud services promise scalability, it is not always as it seems and developers can reach a dead end with the data usage limit leading to problems with the app data loading.

A perfect solution for this is to use a hybrid cloud plan (with a pay as you go plan) offering the required flexibility needed by your apps. Unlike pre-defined plans, they are scalable according to your changing needs, and you won’t find yourself paying too much after exceeding the initial limit you have purchased.

Multiple platform support 

When you develop a cloud app, you can do so on one of the available cloud app development platforms. However, you may need it to work with different cloud environments, and here comes a big challenge for developers to get this done.

multiple platform

What makes this very common is the apps always need features. To be reliably operating with different cloud platforms or providers.

In order to solve this challenge, the supported cloud services should be planned from the start. The interoperability should be among the priorities when starting to develop a cloud application.

Downtime issues

Although cloud services are known to be a reliable alternative to offline storage, they are often marketed on their less downtime. It is not always the case. Some cloud services do suffer downtime that can be noticeable, and you should be monitoring that.

By choosing the right cloud service provider, offering guaranteed uptime and high performance for your cloud application, it can solve this cloud app development challenge.

App security 

Cloud applications security is complicated considering the various possible operating conditions. That’s why security is not a neglected aspect when it comes to cloud apps, as they can be vulnerable, posing one of the biggest cloud app development challenges.

All you need to do is to take advantage of every security standard possible. Never ever bypass the best security practice when developing a new cloud application.

Bottom line 

Cloud app development has challenges and risks. Developers as well as project managers should be aware of these challenges from the start so they won’t be affected by them. Thus, leading to missed deadlines, broken schedules or bad user experiences.

At B5 Digital, we always keep many aspects in mind before developing a new application into the cloud. Then we keep the project going smoothly and delivered to the client as scheduled.

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