5 Proven Steps We Use For Building Successful Software Development Team

by Alex Mansour

2 months ago · 3 min read

Software development teams need hard work to build, and it is just one of the many obstacles that face software development companies or any company that develops a software product. The software development team can have huge impacts on the quality of the software, its design and its delivery time.

software dev team

Being a process that needs both business and technical knowledge and experience, many businesses prefer to outsource their software, to avoid the distraction and hassle of software development.

Building the best possible team needs being focused on the process. Following a number of steps that help you make better choices. Those are some of our top tips for building a software development team that delivers excellent performance.

Initially determine the structure you need

Before starting to build a software development team, you need to determine the structure of the team you will begin to hire. How many generalists do you need? And how many specialists in certain technologies?

Software technologies are many, and the roles are now broader than ever. So determining what roles you need and their specializations can be a critical step when building a team for software development.

To determine your needs, consider the features needed for the project or multiple projects, the time needed, and then you can begin structuring a suitable team.

Consider dividing teams into smaller ones 

A large software development team, not being divided into smaller ones, can cause many problems. That’s why software companies prefer to make development teams with no more than 8 members.

When adding more developers, it can create sub-teams, with a lead for everyone and a lead for the whole project. This is a very important tip for building software development teams that you should never ignore.

Start using a project management software 

Once the team is structured, and you hire the best possible talents, you need to start managing the team and making a framework for their work together. To do so, you need project management software.

Through such software, tasks can be assigned and tracked efficiently. Follow-ups can be accomplished more quickly and team collaborations can become much better.

Using the software, leads and project managers can have a better vision of how the software is progressing. Every developer can see how their work completes other’s work, helping teams work together much more efficiently.

Update the software documentation continuously 

Keeping the software documentation up to date can help every member of the software development team know where the project is going. That’s what makes their work much better as a team.


Besides the documentation, coding, and UX standards, notes, and any other suitable resources should be easily accessible to every individual, so that less time to waste.

Put a clear policy for conflicts and challenges 

Having a clear policy in place can become suddenly an essential step for building and managing a software development team. The policy can help in solving any conflict between team members or different teams if they ever show up.

For complex projects, such conflicts are development challenges that can show up out of nowhere. Putting a clear strategy for them will help in keeping both relationships and workflows going much better.

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