5 Outstanding Tips To Effectively Automate Your IT Support

by Alex Mansour

4 weeks ago · 2 min read

Customer support is one of the most critical departments of your business, as it directly impacts your reputation and customer retention. IT support is always where much of the endless problems come, considering how complex and technical the problems are. 

IT Support

If you are looking into an opportunity to take your IT support to a whole new level, satisfying both customers and employees, while reducing costs, automation can be the answer. In this blog, we are sharing the basic and most crucial steps to take for successful IT support automation. 

Offer self-service right away 

One of the best practices when it comes to IT automation is to offer self-service. You can do this through an inclusive knowledge base with questions and answers. You can also offer an AI-powered self-service portal that allows customers to ask and get answered instantly. 

Underestimating how much people would like to serve themselves can be a big mistake, as research shows a high percentage of people prefer to help themselves before contacting customer support through any channel. 

Allow users to reset passwords and unlock accounts

It might flood your technical support with tickets requesting the solution of a single problem that you can solve instantly without contacting support. These problems include password resetting and account unlocking. 

This can drastically reduce the number of technical support tickets asking for the same simple problems. Thus,  leaving the bigger problems for your IT to focus on and resolve. 

Take advantage of more communication methods 

One of the best features of IT support automation software solutions is the ability to introduce more communication methods. For example, you can implement direct video calls in order that the agent shows the customer what to exactly do on video. 

When you are choosing an IT support software solution or developing one, you need to make sure it supports advanced communication methods. 

Route tickets in a smarter way

While automating your IT supports you should pay attention to the way tickets are routed. A smarter way to the route will rely on specializations and personnel who are more knowledgeable about specific issues. 

support ticket

Make sure you get a technical support automation solution that addresses this problem and manages ticket routing in a smart way. 

Manage escalations more effectively 

If your IT automation system doesn’t offer a smart way to manage escalation, then you are missing much. You need to manage escalations more smartly to offer a better customer experience. 

When a problem persists, you can automatically schedule an on-site visit after approval from the customer. In order to help solve the problem. This shouldn’t take as long as it takes with manual work. It is a simple click from the agent that will start the escalation. Then, visit the reservation process all automatically.

When choosing your IT support automation software solution, make sure escalation management is part of it.  

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