5 Most Common Procurement Challenges You Need to Overcome

by Alex Mansour

2 years ago · 2 min read

Procurement processes can be really annoying if not handled effectively. Automation offers a great chance for businesses to avoid inefficiencies and procurement challenges. Also, the hassle that comes with manual procurement management. Then, you need to focus on having an automation solution that solves even the finest problems.

procurement challenges

The problems and challenges that you may face with procurement can rely on your business size and industry. However, there are common challenges that you may need to generally avoid. In this blog, we are sharing the most common challenges within procurement that you need to use automation to overcome.

Data inaccuracy 

One of the biggest challenges that come with manual procurement is data inaccuracy. Inaccurate data can be exalted to inventory and financial information. Thus, it can impact your ability to make decisions, and also your ability to satisfy customers. 

Dark purchasing

Dark purchasing is one of the biggest procurement challenges. When there are any purchases that are outside your defined procurement, they are considered dark purchases. 

Such purchases can affect your ability to manage cash flow. Then, make accurate estimations and decisions. Automation can simply and effectively eliminate such purchases as every payment is quickly and instantly recorded on your system. 

Risk management

One of the biggest challenges businesses face with procurement is risk management. Also, depending on your industry, there may be various supply risks that you need to manage and continuously mitigate. 

These risks include market-related risks, frauds, price changes, delivery-related risks, and others. In some cases, compliance risks are added to all of this to make it even harder to manage procurement properly. With automation, you have more visibility, and a better ability to make risk management decisions.  

Unacceptable transparency

No matter what your business industry is, or how big it is, transparency will be beneficial in many ways. In addition, in order to achieve transparency, you need to put some effort into managing data properly and securing it.

Procurement processes can be among the ones that affect transparency the most. As they can involve fraud and spending that is not on record. Automation can be the only 100% effective solution to avoid the challenges of procurement management and its transparency. 

Failure to implement technology

If you believe that your business may fail to use technology to enhance procurement, then this could be one of the biggest reasons you urgently need technology. 

The main reason behind failure to implement technology may be your processes, which need to be enhanced alongside their automation. 

Driving this change will definitely be a challenge. But it is one of the investments that may be critical for your business already. 

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