5 Killer Consideration for Your Next CRM

by Alex Mansour

1 year ago · 2 min read

Choosing a CRM solution can be a bit tricky, considering how many platforms are available. Each platform has tons of features, which can be clearly overwhelming, especially if you’re a software expert or new to CRM solutions. 


There are clearly certain features that you should prioritize, as they make a big difference and their absence will put you in a bad situation. In this blog, we are sharing these must-have features for your next CRM solution. 

Closed loop automation

A great CRM solution will have the capability of offering a closed loop of workflow automation for your sales activities, helping you fully ditch any paperwork or any need to use another tool for managing workflows. 

Acquiring leads, ranking them, classifying them, reaching out to them, and following up should all be collaborative processes in the CRM solution. 

3rd party integrations

Supporting 3rd party integrations is a crucial thing to look for in a CRM solution. This is simply because you will very likely need to integrate your CRM solution with another tool or a bigger system at some point. 

Maybe you will need to integrate MailChimp to get access to great email marketing features or Docusign to automate signatures and boost productivity. The potential opportunities with APIs are limitless. You should be ready for whatever comes with as much integration support as you can. 

Great support

Having a CRM solution that is not continuously supported can end up not working. It is crucial to have technical support by your side after you purchase the CRM solution. As you won’t be able to troubleshoot issues without it, in most cases. 

This means that you need to choose a solution from a company that is known for its great service. While also looking for support that is offered on multiple channels to give you the best possible flexibility. 

Employee tracking

Sales are sensitive when it comes to employee performance. As it is usually tied with incentives and targets. A good CRM solution should take all of this automated. So you can instantly track employee performance with detailed reports for any time period. 

employee tracking

Such features allow you to manage everything related to employee performance in one place. By setting goals, incentives, reviews, and much more altogether. 

Flexible customization 

Customizing your solution should be a priority when choosing one, and that is for clear reasons. A CRM solution without customization features can one day make you need to get a fully new one. 

Customizations that you need to consider include customizable dashboards to be able to make your dashboards work and become more usable, and customizable reports to streamline reporting and visibility. 

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