5 Tips For Handling Employees Not Meeting Deadlines

by Alex Mansour

2 years ago · 3 min read

An employee who is not meeting deadlines isn’t always a bad one. Of course, missing deadlines is bad behaviour, and gives hard time to people managing this employee and sometimes for the whole business. 

handling employees

However, this employee can be suffering from bad communication and exhaustion. They can be overwhelmed with the amount of work as well. 

In this blog, we share tips that you can use as a manager or business owner to handle employees’ missing deadlines properly. 

Focus on more clear communication

It can be you or one of the others managing the employee who can’t communicate clearly and set clear expectations when establishing the deadline. 

Ensure there is a single communication channel to avoid making your employees overwhelmed with the amount of communication on multiple platforms. Also, make the norm become documenting every task so that conflicts can be resolved easily. 

Give room for their opinions

One big mistake managers make with their employees is that they don’t give them room to share their opinions at all. When you set a critical deadline for an employee, you need to listen to the employee. It is to know if this deadline is reasonable or not. 

The way they accomplish communication or a task was assigned can make the employee unable to say no or share a remark about what they think of this deadline. 

Follow-up and assess

If someone misses the deadline, it can be your responsibility as much as it is the employees. Following up is essential, and it must make you learn how the project is going. Especially when a deadline is set for a long-term project. 

This will be more beneficial if you involve more than one employee in the project, which is usually the case. A manager follows up with everyone and putting the pieces together early is crucial for not missing the deadline. 

Document online meetings

Online meetings were a big part of many people’s work already. But after the COVID-19 outbreak, many more people are using it. 

online meeting

When you set online meetings, take notes, and send emails with conclusions after meetings to document the outcomes. This will be very helpful for everyone to understand where the problem is when there is one. 

Motivate your employees

Of course, a good employee will not be waiting for a reward for meeting deadlines. But you may be pressuring your employees, and they can accept it if they feel appreciated and rewarded. 

If you tie performance to rewarding and payment, surely you can get better results with the tightest deadlines. 

The Conclusion

B5 Digital can help you to streamline your processes and workflow by automating them.

This means that tasks can be delegated, deadlines tracked, and communication between teams can be improved. As also analytics and insight into the workflow enable you to reward your teams and give you a better understanding of how it’s being used and what can be done to optimize it. 

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