5 Great Benefits of An Employee Self Service System

by Alex Mansour

3 months ago · 3 min read

The successful concept of customer self service has extended to employee self service. Thanks to digital tech. According to surveys, employees like to serve themselves. Most of them would rather have a self-service HR tool than dealing with humans.

employee self service

Employee self service depends on letting redundant and repeated tasks performed by some employees to serve others become automated. As employees, using digital tools, serve themselves.

Beside increasing the accuracy of employee data, saving much time and making work more efficient, employee self service allows better time tracking, easier access to personal records and other resources and much more benefits.

In this blog, we have some of the biggest benefits that should let you decide if your business needs employee self service solutions or not.

More accurate time and payroll tracking 

Time tracking is one of the aspects that can be improved with an employee self service solution. With employees tracking time for themselves, it is easier to boost productivity than when HR employees are always following up.

Since time management and payroll will be managed through a single tool. Payroll mistakes can be eliminated as the whole process is managed by the software and everything is linked together.

Enhancing records and improving their accessibility 

As digital employee self service solutions help in eliminating paperwork and making processes more seamless and automated digitally. They bring one of their best benefits, which is the improvement of employee records.

Having employee records using an employee self service solution with HR features opens the door for faster data completion. That also include less time waste and human interaction for gathering data and easier access to data whether for executives or employees.

Easier time off management

Employees in any company will want time off, and if your company has a long process for doing so, then beside not offering the best experience for your employees, you are just wasting time for everyone.

A self service digital solution for your employees automated the whole time off booking process. An employee can just submit a leave request, accepts it or not through the software by the responsible manager.

Eliminating repetitive questions 

Employees need to ask continuous questions to HR departments, and these questions have nothing creative and are just repetitive ones. What is my balance of days off? When will you deposit the salaries? And just so many repetitive questions over and over.


A digital employee self service solution just puts this headache away and let everyone have access to accounts with all of their related information updated in real time. So everyone, including HR department employees can focus on the important work.

Easier remote work and more office savings

Remote work can become much better with this solution. As employees will enjoy serving themselves without having to go to the office.

The reduction of using documents and paperwork, and also feeling free to have people working remotely, can all impact costs and help in taking them down.

These costs reduced, come with even more satisfaction for employees and higher productivity. Whether as they work remotely or use the solution from the office.

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