5 Essential Tips For Efficient Lead Management

by Alex Mansour

1 year ago · 4 min read

Generating leads is the first step of many for making sales, and it is not an advanced tactic that you decide to utilize or not, at the time competition is growing in every industry. However, managing the leads can be a more challenging process than generating them, as it impacts the conversion rate from the leads your business has generated. 

lead management

If you want to convert more leads, you need to be very careful with lead management, and to utilize every possible practice for optimizing the process, including owning a software to automate repetitive workflows and have more powerful insights into your leads, helping you maximize the opportunities of conversions. 

Here, we share our top tips for lead management that brings outstanding results with minimum effort. 

Define buyer profiles properly

Taking time to profile your ideal customers is always a great way to start lead management, as it helps in every further activity. Like other buyer personas, you need to ask questions about your ideal customers and get them answered. 

These questions include if you are selling to businesses or directly to customers? Are you selling to small businesses or corporations? Who are you targeting inside these businesses? And so on. You need to determine the demographics and interests of the customers.

This data should be managed in an organized manner as you will need it later. If you own a lead management software, you can use this data in further practices in the most seamless way. 

Score and grade leads carefully

Investing in determining the personas of your customers is an important step. It prepares you for one of the most important practices in the lead management process, which is lead scoring and grading. 

Lead scoring and grading means that you will give each lead a specific score. That is based on whether there is a big probability for this lead to buy what you offer or not, relying on a number of factors. 

This means that your leads will not be just leads any more. You can deal with specific leads in specific groups differently and approach them with different messages. 

Lead scoring and grading is a revolutionary process in lead management. It needs a software in order to do it efficiently and properly. Through the software, you will be able to directly score leads and access scores and groups later. Which can help you in optimising results like never before. 

Monitor behaviour and take advantage of it

When you have your leads managed in one place, you can start scoring and grouping them. But before this, you need to monitor their behaviours to understand the differences between them. 

Various behaviours mean various intents. If you translate behaviours into intents, and then scores, then you can really optimize your conversions. 

For example, leads who are viewing your blogs are different from those viewing the pricing page. As viewing the pricing page is a behaviour that means a more transactional intent, and means that the lead is in the stage of buying the product soon. 

Scoring those leads properly and approaching them with the right messages to make purchases happen is one way lead management becomes a really impactful thing. 

Nurture the right leads

The leads who are about to purchase need you to act fast. But those who are still looking for information and can benefit from educating them are also a great opportunity for you to claim in the next weeks or months, and maybe days, and here comes lead nurturing. 

lead nurturing

Nurturing the leads who have an intent of learning and getting more information, after determining them through behaviour monitoring, is one example of how lead nurturing is one of the best practices of lead management

Through lead nurturing, you can approach leads with informational content that helps them. In which happens for a number of emails until trust is built, then an offer is sent to them. 

A software can automate all of this. Then help you start your lead nurturing campaigns as soon as the intent is determined without your interference. Thus, making lead nurturing a much less time wasting process.   

Take advantage of reports and analytics

Viewing insights and reports should be a practice that is always on your list, even if you feel that you don’t need to. Insights and reports always give you an ability to determine future opportunities and how to improve your performance. 

With your lead management software automating most of the processes, and even generating your report automatically, you will have much time to invest in determining future opportunities by studying reports and insights.  

B5 Digital has helped agencies and businesses with customer lead management software, tailored for their specific needs and offered at optimised costs. Learn more by getting in touch with us. 

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