5 Best Practices For Web Application Quality Assurance

by Alex Mansour

1 year ago · 2 min read

Testing and quality assurance can be one of the most critical phases of software development, as it determines the final quality of the product.

web app

This needs dedicated professionals who can focus on the quality of the product, detecting issues, root causes and reporting them for resolution. 

Unlike the past, testing has become a large world full of strategies, tools and best practices. Different types of software may have different testing needs as well. For web apps, on which we are focusing today, quality assurance has its specific needs. 

In this blog, we are sharing the top best practices for quality assurance and testing for web apps. 

Focus on compatibility testing for multiple browsers 

With web apps not having to deal with different computer specifications, they end up in need to support multiple browsers. 

The browser market doesn’t have a 100% dominant browser, with the market being distributed between many ones. This means that you can expect users using different browsers, and you have to test your web app on them and ensure full support of the most used ones. 

Responsive design is also critical for ensuring that the platform delivers a consistent, great experience on every browser on any device. 

Put the app under stress 

You can consider load testing as a secondary practice when it comes to web application quality assurance. However, it can be very useful for detecting bugs and delivering a polished product. 

A web application that crashes under heavy loads is definitely not the great product you want to deliver. Tracing the bugs leading to these crashes under heavy loads, you can resolve more problems automatically. 

Utilize exploratory testing

Exploratory testing relies on executing tests and analyzing them while learning more and designing tests. This allows faster decision-making during web app quality assurance and testing. 

This practice which has been known for years, allows you to save the long time to take for testing after you complete the development, which can mean less costs.

Perform usability testing

Usability testing ensures that every section of the software solution you are developing is easy to use by users. This is one of the best web app quality assurance practices that you can follow. 

product testing

Using parameters related to speed, content readability, accessibility, ability to navigate, and more. You won’t just enhance your web app, but also have an idea about what you are really delivering to users. 

Don’t ignore security testing

Like other software solutions, web application security should be among the top priorities during testing. Ignoring security testing for web app quality assurance can be a big mistake. 

One data breach can destroy the company’s reputation, or even lead to catastrophic consequences, so investing in security testing is always a best practice. 

Your investments in security testing can be seen as ones that you can avoid. But the truth is that you can never guarantee you will not suffer from a data breach.

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