5 Benefits of Conversational AI Solutions Your Business Should Consider

by Alex Mansour

2 years ago · 3 min read

Conversational AI is changing how businesses interact with customers, by using artificial intelligence to create personalized conversations between the users and the computers without any human interference. 


Despite the truth that you may already know, which is that AI is still far away from being like humans in written conversations. There are great benefits for conversational AI applications like chatbots. That makes using them without being that smart offering businesses great benefits that can’t be achieved with human agents. 

In this blog, we share 5 of the biggest benefits of conversational AI for your customer service. 

Offering the self-service customers want 

Many customers are willing to assist themselves with no human interaction. That is the reason why people search for FAQs and surf your website before contacting your hotline or Facebook page. 

Conversational AI solutions, with chatbots on top of them, help customers serve themselves quickly and efficiently. That is why many people prefer them over traditional customer service with human agents. 

This is not always the case, because bot can’t handle technical problems yet. But for normal questions like asking about products, availability and any other non-technical information, chatbots are impressing customers already. 

Improving agents productivity

Conversational AI shouldn’t be the nightmare of contact center agents just yet, because it is not smart enough to replace all humans. 

Instead, it actually helps contact center agents in doing their work with more productivity. By automating the answering of the repeated questions and letting the more complex cases for human agents, who will have far less boring and repetitive work. 

More consistency for your customer service 

Consistency is one of the aspects that are considered among the top benefits of conversational AI applications like chatbots. That’s because they are available 24 hours 7 days a week, and they don’t even go down for maintenance. 

To offer a 24/7 customer service through your contact center, you invest in agents working through shifts all over the day. But with chatbots and self-service platforms, you can easily offer a 24/7 service with no investment. 

Large scale data collection 

One of the biggest benefits of conversational AI solutions is that they let your business collect huge amounts of data about customers. These include their behaviours and interests without having to do any work. It’s in a way that isn’t possible with human agents.

data collection

For example, using a chatbot, you can learn what are the questions people click on most at any time. Without having to ask customers or using surveys. You will also know more about their satisfaction while using the chatbot from their behaviours with no investment using the insights of the chatbot. 

Solving all scalability problems 

Contact centers are complex ones. They need hard work and much hassle when it comes to scaling them up or down. That’s one problem that conversational AI applications in customer service solutions are promising to solve. 

Chatbots for example, can be offered to answer customers at any possible scale. That is with no problem and no huge investment like buying offices, equipment and hiring agents. This is one of the revolutionary aspects for the present and the future of customer service solutions.

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