4 Effective Uses of AI in Software Development

by Alex Mansour

1 year ago · 3 min read

AI is quickly taking a bigger part of different industries, with even more AI tools people are widely using every day. 


In software development, it has been there for quite a while. And while it could be still far from being a fully functional programmer. It can support a great programmer to become even greater. 

In this blog, we are sharing some of the biggest benefits of AI in software development. 

AI is used for validating project requirements

Validating project requirements after gathering and documenting them is a best practice for ensuring efficient and lower-risk software development. 

AI tools can help this validation process become more efficient. By analyzing product requirement documents and detecting any consistencies that may have been missed. 

Any units that are missing or entries that are unclear can be also automatically detected. Meaning that the time and effort you spend on reviewing and enhancing the product requirements document and validating its ideas can reduce drastically.

AI can be used to automate debugging

AI can play a big role in making debugging smarter than ever. Functionalities work like the correction ones in word processors (spelling and grammar check) to help programmers detect bugs faster during coding. 

When the developer has proactive suggestions as they are coding. They can become much more productive. Then save most of the time wasted on fixing bugs as they get to debug. 

The famous game development company Ubisoft shared in 2018 that AI is helping them catch as much as 70% of the bugs while coding. So they don’t have to come back and fix them.

Tools that enable smarter debugging are also available for anyone. Synk Code, for example, helps you debug faster with automatic bug detection while writing code. 

Synk Code

AI can help in automating testing

AI-powered testing tools can help software quality engineers (testers) test products more efficiently. They can even suggest to the tester. What tests to do and provide useful insights that help them set their priorities. 

By mainly giving the quality assurance engineer more visibility even before starting. Even suggesting procedures; and solutions that can be helpful for both testers and developers. Such tools can provide great benefits to software development projects. 

One example of such a tool is Selenium. The open-source tool allows testers to automate writing test scripts, to boost the speed of work drastically, and reduce the likeliness of errors in scripts. Script automation with Selenium works on multiple platforms including different operating systems and browsers. 

AI can assist developers in coding

While AI can be helpful for debugging, it can also help developers proactively while coding. AI-assisted programming tools show suggestions of full lines of code for developers while coding. Then helping them save huge amounts of time. 

Such tools won’t only change how efficient developers can become. But also how fast they can learn new languages with such powerful tools. 

You can check out tools like Amazon’s machine learning-powered CodeWhisperer if you are interested to learn more about this. 


Will AI change software development?

While it isn’t replacing developers, it is actually changing software development with tangible solutions that offer great benefits. There is definitely a potential for more in the future, especially with the pace of seeing better benefits accelerating.

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