Relohagen ApS

Bespoke Web App + Integration

Project overview

Relohagen is a Copenhagen-based relocation company that helps people relocate and book hotels. In this project, we designed and developed a hotel booking web app for Relohagen.

The challenge

Relohagen needed to process hundreds of hotel bookings per month for its corporate clients. They had limited staff to deal with all the booking requests, as well as any changes to those bookings. They needed a solution that allows them to automate the booking process, without losing their distinctive “human touch”.

Our solution

We worked with the Relohagen team to optimize their entire workflow and develop a custom digital product that would help them automate the booking process. The entire tool was developed and delivered within 20 days due to Relohagen’s tight schedule. The following are the key features of the new booking platform:

Simple customer registration

Relohagen’s clients can easily create their accounts on the platform, check room availability and book a room without any assistance from the Relohagen staff. They can also modify their booking and view their reservation status.

Automatic accounting/invoicing management

The platform handles the accounting and invoicing part of the booking process automatically, so the Relohagen team won’t have to dedicate any time to it.

Scalable design

The new web app was created with scalability in mind. It can easily be scaled to accommodate more of Relohagen’s corporate client.

Custom metrics

We’ve collaborated with Relohagen to develop custom metrics that help them understand how their hotel bookings division is doing in terms of reservations over time, revenues, etc.

The results

Managing the entire hotel bookings division with a fraction of the man-hours

Customer satisfaction increased due to the user-friendly online booking portal

A better understanding of business results due to custom reports and metrics

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