Why you need an API integration platform and where to start?

by Alex Mansour

3 years ago · 3 min read

APIs or Application Programming Interfaces are a great method of facilitating interactions between different applications and devices. Through integrating an API using a platform or manually, applications can communicate easily with backend systems, devices can integrate together more efficiently and more apps can get features easier than ever.  

To get a quick understanding of APIs, if you don’t already fully understand them, think of features brought from an app to another. Uber Eats as an example brings you a version of Google Maps that has the restaurants and shows your delivery guy through the map. 

Uber didn’t need to build its own map from scratch to bring you such a feature, thanks to the Google Maps API. 

Many businesses around can use APIs like Uber and every technology company does, and most businesses are considering the hassle, which is eliminated already with API integration platforms. 

Here, we share some of the key features and reasons you should be considering an API integration platform, to make things easier and utilize the power of APIs more efficiently while the APIs are working together.  

Top reasons to use an API integration platform 

For most companies, there are many departments working together. When the companies use software, these departments also need to come together through software, and that’s when API integration platforms can become lifesavers. 

The platforms help every department and individual application integrate with others to make the whole company work through a unified solution and save much time and effort. 

Many businesses are already using cloud-based web apps as a replacement of older programs. These apps always include at least the famous G Suite or Office 365. 

And when it comes to web apps, the best way to integrate them and customize their usage is an API. API integration platforms can facilitate the process of making a business shift to the cloud, so the whole thing becomes more fluid and takes less time. 

Integrating APIs can sometimes become complex, especially if not using these APIs in their generic forms and needing some advanced customizations. 

While custom development will be an ultimate solution for this, when it is efficient enough, an API integration platform can still help your business get the features you want in the least time and with the least cost. 

APIs help businesses in collecting their older data from legacy sources, and with an API integration platform the process becomes more seamless and the possibilities become more than ever. 

So if there is still data that you own and can’t put into your new systems, you need to consider this perfect solution. 

API integration platforms make the process more efficient, so your company has time for more important details or new projects. 

There is no need to have large numbers of employees and developers to get APIs integrated and to add each feature from scratch. 

Instagram had 13 employees before it was sold to Facebook in 2012 and WhatsApp had 55 employees when it was sold to the same company, so greatness doesn’t even need a large team with APIs.  

If the productivity of your employees is a major goal for your company, and it should be, then you need to consider an API integration platform. 

These platforms can help your developers become more productive, as they focus on issues that cannot be done automatically like this one. 

Want to integrate APIs or develop custom software for your company?

B5 Digital does it perfectly and offers detailed case studies of how past projects impacted companies. You can also claim our 30-minute free consultation from here.

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