The 4 Tips For Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Effectively

by Alex Mansour

1 year ago · 2 min read

SOP are a great solution for businesses aiming to improve the efficiency of their processes, reduce errors, onboard new employees easily, facilitate compliance, and much more. 


Simple standard operating procedures (SOPs) make every process more documented, and hence cut down the hassle and issues that can come along with misunderstandings. They also make someone accountable for every error, issue or inconvenience. 

If you already believe you are aiming to start writing SOPs, here is what you need to do to be successful with them. 

Be proactive 

One of the best ways to create SOPs successfully is to stay proactive. Give yourself the time to create SOPs even before they are needed very soon, so that they are ready and in place whenever you need them. 

To determine which operations need to be prioritized with SOPs, you need to find the inefficiencies inside your businesses and the biggest bottlenecks. You can search for delays, and inconveniences with customers and between employees. 

You can also create various SOP for different teams whenever you are approaching a new project. Then believe you want to maximize productivity while working on it. 

Share accurate numbers

Whenever there are numbers relating to an operation, you need to include them with your SOPs. That is to make them more accurate and clear. Numbers always mean results and making your employees work for making great results should definitely be your goal.

Adding the quantitative dimension can also reduce conflicts. As the documented procedures go as far as clear numbers that can resolve any conflict instantly and never leave room for guessing and debate. 

Consider who you are writing for

Writing SOPs for trainees should be different from writing SOPs for project managers. Knowing who you are writing for before writing can help much when creating SOP that work. 

Writing for specific people should feel unique and engaging for them. You should always avoid being boring or making the writing weak or repetitive because efficiency and quality is the main point anyway. 


The tone of your writing should be conversational and friendly, yet professional and suit the type of your business. If this feels any difficult, hiring a writer would be a great solution. 

Engage concerned people 

Asking employees about their opinions can be very helpful for preparing SOP. Their opinions and constructive feedback can let you see things that you aren’t seeing. 

When doing this, you need to listen a lot, and make it engaging. Then let your employees feel that the issues they tell are going to be resolved. It is not just about gathering data. 

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