5 Ways To Handle Angry Customers

by Alex Mansour

3 years ago · 3 min read

Like how satisfied customers recommend your business to others, angry customers won’t just avoid dealing with you. But they will also tell others about their frustration and advise them not to buy your services or products, which is -as you may already know- very effective.

angry customer

And while you should be doing whatever you can to never make customers angry. You also need to be able to handle angry customers, because people can find ways to get angry. In this blog, we tell you some of the tips you should follow to handle angry customers efficiently. 

Respect their time

If you will do extra work to save time for your employees, you should never hesitate. That can be work to deliver products or services, enhance customer service or any other aspect. You can even lose money willingly to build a better reputation by impressing angry customers and winning them. 

If a customer has spent time ordering a product or a device, and you can’t deliver it for any reason. Then, you need to be working hard to transform the anger of the customer into a good impression and the start of a relationship and a recommending customer. 

Listen to their specific needs 

Listening to a customer’s specific complaint is important, because people have different needs and care about different things. Let customers express their anger, and put all of your focus on what a customer needs now and what he or she is angry about. 

Your customer service agents should also engage with angry customers in their conversations, while also not interrupting customers while expressing their anger. This needs investment in developing the skills of customer service agents to be able to handle the conversations properly. 

Make your empathy clear

You need to have empathy towards customers, and what is more important is to show this empathy. Customers are humans and they need to feel that you understand them and put yourself in their place, to be able to accept if you aren’t solving their problem at all or partially. 

Empathy also builds the trust of customers and helps in building your brand as a customer-centric one. The tone of your customer service affects your brand heavily.

Be transparent and honest 

If your customer service agents are put in a situation where they need to choose between a lie and to be honest, then you should choose to be honest. 

customer service

This is because honesty and transparency will always help you earn customers’ respect and loyalty in most cases. Instead of lies that can ruin the relationship between a business and a customer. 

Avoid repeating mistakes

If your customer is angry because of a mistake you have made, then you should focus on not repeating the mistake as much as you focus on resolving the current problem.

Having access to customer history can also help you to know if a mistake repeats with the same customer. Then you will understand the frustration of a certain customer at any instance and know the history of the customer with your company. 

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