5 Reasons You Should Use No-Code Platforms For Your Business

by Alex Mansour

1 week ago · 3 min read

The ever-increasing demand for mobile apps and websites has created new markets that we may have never expected years back. One of these markets is the no-code product market, full of software that lets anyone create apps and websites without having to write a single line of code or even know what programming is. 

no-code platforms

Individuals unable to hire developers or software outsourcing companies to develop their software are widely utilizing such tools. However, these tools can be also beneficial for startups, small and medium-sized benefits that need to create simple websites and apps, whether occasionally or often. 

In this blog, we share 5 reasons no-code tools should be utilized and considered as a viable option and not a weak solution. 

Saving costs of hiring developers

Especially in the first few years, businesses want to keep costs that can be saved. The costs of a developer who will develop a website or application that can be created with a no-code platform are definitely ones that businesses can avoid. 

Hiring a developer also has two cases. If the hired developer is working full time, then you would face a challenge with finding other projects for them to work on. If you hire a freelancer, it would definitely be a good option, but a pricey one comparing to no-code platforms. 

Making changes easier 

Creating faster responses when you need changes is one of the best benefits of no-code platforms. As it takes much less time to edit a website using drag and drop, compared to the time an efficient developer would take to code the changes you need. 

This can effectively impact other business processes positively as there will be no delays for the edits on a website or finishing the app. If your business is a startup with a one-man approach to tasks, such tools will also save you. 

Lowering the cost of ownership

As they save time and money, no-code platforms reduce the cost of ownership of the app or website that is being developed. 

Of course, outsourcing would still be a great solution, especially for more complicated projects. But no-code platforms will still help when you need more simple websites with no unique features and with demand for faster edits that anyone can do. 

Reducing risks

One of the biggest benefits of no-code platforms is that they reduce the risks your business could face. Considering they don’t require project management and best practices to get a website or app developed


Having your developers in-house is definitely riskier. As you can face quality, security, and maintenance issues that would take days and weeks to resolve. You may also need developers working with more than a technology, which would raise the costs and risks as well. 

Enhancing flexibility and scalability

Finally, no-code platforms can give startups and small businesses the perfect flexibility. They would need to keep initial costs low and keep their businesses going. They can start small, with no minimum charger. Then make edits and scale as they grow larger and get more cash. This will be lifesaving for many.

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