5 Processes Every Marketing Agency Should Automate

by Alex Mansour

12 months ago · 3 min read

Marketing agencies, like other businesses, can take advantage of the huge benefits of automation. There are countless ways and tools that you can use to automate every workflow inside your marketing agency. 


In this blog, we are sharing our list of processes that we think marketing agencies should automate first. 

Approvals and agreements

As a marketing agency, you always need to get approvals from your clients. These approvals are known to be among the most exhausting parts of the work. 

Digital tools give you a chance to automate approvals. As workflows are designed into the system and every deliverable that needs approval whether a document or media is automatically sent to the client for approval.

This doesn’t only speed up the process. But also gives you more visibility into the status of your work and its accountabilities at any moment, as you know instantly why a task is late and what is bottlenecking it. 

Handling these approvals can be both done with a pre-developed digital tool or a custom software solution that is created with your processes in mind. You can also handle all of your agreements the same way, with contracts signed digitally without using paper. 

Filestage and Proofhub are among the approval management software that delivers a great experience with many collaboration and organization features. 


Reporting results and analytics to your clients can be time-consuming. Automation can make it much faster, as you don’t need to create a report from scratch or even edit it on a template. In addition, your system can generate the report all automatically. It can even share this report with the client periodically. 

Such reports can include, for example, campaign results or analytics from multiple platforms like Google, Facebook and TikTok. They connect to your system or platform using APIs to fetch the data in real-time with no manual work. 

You can also deliver a portal for the clients to view the results and analytics at any time freely without having to contact you. 

There are amazing platforms to automate report creation like Whatagraph, which helps you create reports faster while fetching data automatically from multiple sources and allowing you to customize what sections to include in the report before exporting it. 

Social media management 

Social media management tools are one of the most widely used marketing automation ones. This is because they save a huge time. Especially with the growing number of social media platforms that brands get to publish on. 

For marketing agencies, it multiplies the benefit. As they have multiple platforms to manage for multiple clients, and scheduling posts on each platform manually for each client can mean hundreds of posts that take hours to schedule. 

Buffer and Hootsuite are among the most widely used platforms for social media management, with plenty of features that have been added over the past years. 

Ad campaign creation and management 

More agencies are automating ad campaigns to optimize their costs and speed up their workflows. Also, automating an ad campaign doesn’t mean it won’t have human interventions. But it means redundant work.

Some ad campaign automation tools can help in optimizing budgets by adding a layer of smart automation to campaigns. With tactics like automated stopping and resuming. 

More creative work like targeting audiences, copywriting, and graphic design will have more focus with all the redundant and time-wasting work being done by the digital tool. Opteo and Optmyzr are among the tools that can help you with this automation.

Client onboarding 

Onboarding clients can be a time-wasting process that can take up to weeks of your time. When onboarding is inefficient, it can also mean a bad first impression from your client. Also, automating onboarding can be a great way to save time, and costs and satisfy your new client. 

There are several ways you can automate your onboarding. A tool like Digitalsero can help you automate access requests to different platforms with one link that you share with your client. It supports all ads and analytics accounts; and pages on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, TikTok, and others. 

At B5 Digital, we can help you automate approvals and other collaborative workflows to save time and money. Our custom software consultation can answer a lot of your questions. Feel free to contact us and request it. 

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