5 Benefits of remote work for companies

by Alex Mansour

2 years ago · 3 min read

The focus on the benefits of remote work and its challenges were among the most trending changes since the start of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic around the world. And while many people were working remotely, many more people started working from home for the first time as the pandemic reached their countries.

Millions of people are already working from home before the pandemic but much more was not considering it, and now most of the people in the world are considering it and seeing people around them working remotely, if not themselves. 

Apart from protecting people from spreading diseases, remote work has many more benefits for businesses and employees as well. 

The benefits employees have are reflected on companies to help them achieve better results. 

Here are some of the advantages businesses can benefit from when they offer employees remote work: 

Remote working was basically thought by some people to make employees less professional, and less productive. Insights and data show us a very different side. 

Remote workers work with higher productivity than people working from offices. Thanks to the freedom of setting up their workplaces like they want to work without distraction and saving the effort of transportation for more energy to be put into the real work. 

Also, giving employees working from home the freedom of choosing their own work hours can help boost productivity further, especially for creative jobs. 

Surveys have shown that the number of work breaks is more for remote workers, which could also be a reason for the increased productivity. And while the number of breaks is higher, employees working from home have shown more devotion to work. 

If you own a business and think that you need top talents in the market to help you grow and surpass competitors, remote work can be one way to help yourself. 

Remote work removes geographical borders as you can employ anyone from anywhere around the world. This opens the door for more talents you would never hire without allowing remote work. 

It will also help you hire talents who are searching for more flexible working opportunities and preferring to work from home, so your pool becomes even bigger for every position you hire for. 

With the larger hiring pool, the digital work environment becomes more diverse and with world top talents or locale talents from around the country, you can surely do better. 

Freelancing platforms broaden the talent pools with highly qualified freelancers available for working on a project basis, full-time or part-time remotely. This guide from Toptal makes much of remote work, and using such platforms can make the process more seamless.

Reducing the number of people working from the office can help you reduce the money spent on expanding your office and keeping it a good place, to invest more in your teams and their development instead. This is something startups and small businesses as well as larger businesses can benefit from. 

In addition, travel compensations can also be saved, with the employees welcoming this as they will save the time they spend on transportation, which is much time in many cases. 

Who would have ever thought of this? The coronavirus pandemic has suddenly shown us how remote work can be more stable than office work. It has also shown us how important digital services and platforms are. 

There will definitely be some companies ready for making work more remote and flexible after this pandemic. At least we know some of the tech giants will do so. 

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey revealed that employees can choose not to return to work from offices forever, meaning that Twitter can make most of its employees remain at homes in the future and even encourage them to do so. 

Facebook is also planning to make 50% of its huge number of employees become permanently working from home in the next 5 to 10 years, as their CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed recently. 

Statistics show that people can take a salary cut for having a more flexible job that will key them to work freely and balance their work and live. 

Data even shows that more remote working employees can choose to not leave their companies compared to those working at offices, which is a great sign of employee satisfaction and retention when given the ability to work remotely. 

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