3 Years Of B5 Digital: Our Highlights, Thoughts And Aspirations

by Alex Mansour

1 week ago · 2 min read

B5 Digital has finally become three years old. Those three years we have been in the business were full of challenges, successes and most importantly busy work days as we work hard to build products for our clients everyday. 

We are writing this blog to share some of our highlights and thoughts on these last three years, which have been quite interesting. 

Projects, partnerships and milestones 

Since our beginning, we have completed over 20 medium to large scope projects, with clients based around Europe, Asia and North America. You can browse some of our proudly published success stories here

And while every project we deliver is supported by a full solution for continuous development and technical support depending on the demand of the client, some of the projects have gone further with B5 Digital becoming a partner in the project. 

These partnerships have come into the light due to the great flexibility in project agreements that we can claim, as well as full engagement with the projects we work on and becoming a real party to them.

Three years of remote work

One of the most exciting aspects of our three years journey is that it is a fully remote-work oriented one. Even before the 2020 pandemic, we were working fully remotely. 

B5 Digital Team

Our embracement of remote work doesn’t only come from the great opportunities it creates by connecting people across the world. Who wouldn’t have been able to relocate. But also from the flexibility and work-life balance it gives to employees. 

We believe that those were our first three years of remote work, to be followed by many. And we believe as we have grown from a team of one to a team of twenty working remotely, we have no limits. 

Such events, like our 3 years anniversary, allow us to meet and personally connect with each other. In which we believe is also great for remote teams. 

B5 Digital Team_3

Looking into the future 

Our goal for the next few years will be definitely helping more clients with their digital transformation and bringing their software product ideas to life with best-in-class SaaS. 

We are also aspiring to bring our own B2B software products to life for the first time. To allow more businesses to take advantage of automation. More will be announced at a later stage. 

We are very thankful to every member of our great team and to each client that trusted us. Our journey continues. 

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