Patisserie Handal

Webshop + Integration

Project overview

Patisserie Handal is a traditional Palestinian cake shop that has been in business for more than 40 years. It’s a well-established with a large customer base that adores their product.

The challenge

The owners wanted to create a modern website that helps them sell their products online, instead of the existing old website that was barely functional.

Our solution

We redesigned Patisserie Handal’s website with the following features:

Custom ordering system

We’ve created a customized ordering system that’s designed specifically for Patisserie Handal. Customers can specify things like filling, toppings and the frosting of their cakes.

Automated sorting of picture uploads

We’ve automated the sorting of the cake pictures that the Patisserie Handal’s staff upload to their Google Drive so they’re categorized, saved in the right folder, and published on the website without any interference from the team members. The uploaded pictures are also posted automatically to the Facebook page, under the right album.

The results

Customers can order and customize whatever they want via the website.

Patisserie Handal got a new website that’s in line with their brand identity.

Patisserie Handal’s staff don’t have to waste time on manually keeping the website and Facebook page up to date with the new cake pictures.

Leaso ApS
SaaS + Integration
We helped Leaso develop a SaaS solution for their customers that makes their workflow more efficient and saves lots of man-hours by doing the following:
New World Group Inc.
Bespoke Web App + Integration
We helped New World Group automate their workflow and eliminate redundant tasks
Relohagen ApS
Bespoke Web App + Integration
We worked with the Relohagen team to optimize their entire workflow and develop a custom digital product that would help them automate the booking process.