AgoraMonitor Inc.

SaaS + Integration

Project overview

AgoraMonitor is an American SaaS company that provides a solution that simplifies managing multiple Instagram accounts.

The challenge

To take advantage of the growing Instagram marketing sector, AgoraMonitor needed a solution that’s easy and helps them deliver an exceptional service to their customers.

Our solution

After understanding the needs of AgoraMonitor and understanding their target customers, we developed a SaaS product that allows its users to do the following:

Simplify account & growth tracking

Users can track different post and hashtag interactions across different accounts with a single, easy-to-use tool.

Create customized feeds

Users can create customized feeds from different timelines and view them together. This saves the time they would have otherwise spent jumping between accounts.

Eliminate the learning curve

The intuitive design of the new SaaS tool allows end-users to spend less time learning the tool, and more time using it.

The results

Eliminating redundant tasks from managing Instagram accounts.

Managing multiple accounts with a single platform using the same login.

More efficient strategy planning based on deep key metrics.

Easier tracking of important Instagram account metrics.

Leaso ApS
SaaS + Integration
We helped Leaso develop a SaaS solution for their customers that makes their workflow more efficient and saves lots of man-hours by doing the following:
New World Group Inc.
Bespoke Web App + Integration
We helped New World Group automate their workflow and eliminate redundant tasks
Relohagen ApS
Bespoke Web App + Integration
We worked with the Relohagen team to optimize their entire workflow and develop a custom digital product that would help them automate the booking process.