AdShare GmbH

Bespoke Web App + Integration

Project overview

AdShare GmbH is an Austrian digital marketing agency that specializes in social media marketing. They create hundreds of PPC campaigns for their clients, analyze the data, and adjust accordingly.

The challenge

The standard Facebook automation options weren’t enough for GmbH’s needs. They needed a custom tool that helps them automate the process of managing their campaigns and measuring their performance. They also wanted to eliminate errors by removing the human factor from the equation.

Our solution

We helped AdShare GmbH improve their workflow by:

Automating ads optimization

Our custom campaign management tool can manage multiple campaigns simultaneously based on predefined rules that are set by the staff. Once the conditions are met, the rules are automatically applied.

Minimizing staff training

By creating an intuitive tool that’s compatible with Facebook’s Marketing API limitations, we helped AdShare GmbH minimize their staff training costs.

Generating campaign insights

To get in-depth information about the performance of every campaign, the team needs to set a few rules, and our tool will take care of the rest.

The results

A flexible system that’s easy to use even for new staff members.

Lots of man-hours saving by eliminating repetitive and redundant tasks.

Managing more campaigns with fewer staff members.

Leaso ApS
SaaS + Integration
We helped Leaso develop a SaaS solution for their customers that makes their workflow more efficient and saves lots of man-hours by doing the following:
New World Group Inc.
Bespoke Web App + Integration
We helped New World Group automate their workflow and eliminate redundant tasks
Relohagen ApS
Bespoke Web App + Integration
We worked with the Relohagen team to optimize their entire workflow and develop a custom digital product that would help them automate the booking process.